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It is an incredible achievement to make a film! All that hard work is worthless if no one can see it.

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What does a Film Distributor do?

A film distribution is when a movie is made available to an audience. This includes theatrical production, VOD streaming, TV broadcast and DVD sales.

A professional distributor can help get your film seen in cinemas or streamed on major VOD platforms. They are experts in marketing your film and can help you reach an international audience. While you can still sell your film by yourself, working with a distributor will allow you to have more sales opportunities and generate more profit.

Contacting Film Distributors

There are many types of distributors for film. There are many types of film distributors. Some specialize in releasing feature films with a large budget. Others focus on niche markets or specialized genres. You should know who your target audience will be before you start making a movie. You want to find a distributor who has sold similar projects, such as the same genre, budget and target audience.

Google or IMBD Pro can help you find a distributor for film. You might also find it useful to look into distribution deals for films similar to yours. Remember that film distribution has changed dramatically over the past decade thanks to the advent of the internet. This should be considered.

Aggregators and sales agents

A sales agent can help you find distributors to sell your film. A sales agent might work for an individual or a company. It is a smart decision to hire a sales representative if you have invested a lot of money in making a film. Some sales agents work on commission if you don’t have the budget.

If you don’t have industry contacts, it can be difficult to find a sales representative. You can research the agents and then contact them directly. Although you can find a pre-production sales agent, unknown filmmakers will need to wait until the project is completed. You can also meet sales agents at film festivals or film markets.

Pre-sale Distribution

To secure a distribution deal, you don’t have to make a movie. A pre-sale distribution agreement is a guarantee that a distributor will represent your film after the project is completed. If your film has an established audience, a distributor may be interested in your film. It could be a sequel or a film with a famous actor attached. Distribution companies may approve the film occasionally if they like the genre or previous work of the filmmaker.

Pre-sale distribution agreements, also known as “pre sale financing”, are a common way for films to be funded. This involves signing a distribution contract and receiving a cash advance to cover some or all of the film’s production costs.

Film Festivals

Film festivals have many benefits. Festivals allow you to present your film to a broad audience, win awards and possibly secure distribution. Every year, there are thousands of film festivals around the world. There are many film festivals around the world, including niche and major ones.

Film distributors are not required to attend all festivals. The big five festivals are Berlin, Cannes Venice, Sundance, Sundance, Toronto and Venice. If they are looking for certain genres, distributors will attend smaller festivals. Some festivals are specialized in animation and documentary.

It is important to have your film premiere at a film festival. Many major film festivals require that you attend their festival. You may not be able attend more than one festival with your film. Depending on the quality of your film, its genre and target audience, which film festival you submit, will determine what festival you attend.