What are Banking Supplies and Why Do Banks Need Them?

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Banking supplies are an array of products designed to help improve internal operations, boost efficiency, protect banks from internal theft, and enhance the customer experience. Common and popular high-quality banking supplies for professional use at bank branches include:

  • Tamper evident deposit bags
  • Tamper evident bank bags
  • Coin bags
  • Counterfeit detector pen
  • Counterfeit detection equipment
  • ATM supplies
  • Coin wrappers
  • Currency counter cleaning cards

There are a number of banking supplies companies out there, but there are a select few that offer the latest in technology when it comes to banking supplies, and this article is intended to define that high-quality banking supplies really are, and outline the value they bring.

The Best Banking Supplies Consist of Tamper Evident Bags

Having tamper evident bags as part of your banking supplies is important for a number of reasons. First of all, internal theft is dramatically reduced, if not eliminated because bank employees know there is no way to cover up signs of interfering with cash bags.

Companies like CONTROLTEK offer tamper evident bags with ink release technology when the bags are exposed to heat or liquids. These bags also have tamper evident seals that indicate if any tampering was attempted. These bags also have large serial numbers that can be easily captured on CCTV for both teaching and security purposes. These bags are also very rugged meaning they can not tear when jostled around in transit.

Other Important Features to Look for in Banking Supplies Cash Bags

Bank employees and armored truck personnel handle a large amount of cash every day. The best cash bags in a banking supplies arsenal will be cling and static proof. When cash bags stick to an employee’s clothing or create static energy, operations can become slowed and the work environment becomes more error prone. Look for tamper evident cash bags in a banking supplies collection that is made from durable static-proof material.

Coin bags are more prone to ripping and sliding around in transit than cash bags are. Coins have sharp edges, and even if they are in wrappers, their weight and the rounded edges can still cause bags to rip open, spilling coins all over the place, if the bags are not durable. When investing in banking supplies for your branch, look for coin bags made with a skid-proof material. This will allow armored trucks to better stack them in a way that they won’t slide around in transit and spill open. You also want to make sure the material is strong enough so that bags full of coins can be tossed to the floor of an armored vehicle, without any damage inflicting the lackaging.

Counterfeit Detection Banking Supplies

It is a federal crime to be caught with counterfeit bills. That said, the last thing a bank wants to do is let fake money enter the currency supply in which tellers dispense the notes to unsuspecting customers, or ATMs spit out counterfeit bills. There are three important pieces of counterfeit detection equipment that should be in any branch’s banking supplies: counterfeit detection equipment for ATMs, counterfeit detector pens, and portable counterfeit detecting machines. The best ATM supplies come in the form of counterfeit detection. Usually, this technology consists of an internal eye that examines each note recording its width, size, and the fibers that make up the bill. If it catches any fake money, it will not dispense and will alert bank management. Counterfeit detection pens are ideal for tellers that handle small amounts of cash, while counterfeit detection machines are appropriate for scanning larger sums of incoming currency. Your customers will appreciate knowing that you have counterfeit detection technology, as it will make them feel that they are keeping their money in a safe place, and know that everytime they make a withdrawal there are no concerns.

Coin Wrappers Should be Standards in Your Banking Supplies

Every bank has coin wrappers, but not all of these products were made equally. Whether you are a small or mid-size business required to keep a certain amount of coins, or you are the average person that wants rolls of quarters for laundry day, people want their coins secured in a sturdy wrapper. Some banks think they are saving money by buying cheaper wrappers, but these often break open and coins go missing. In addition, bank customers will be able to tell just from holding the rolls of quarters that the wrappers are thin and cheap. Look for coin wrappers with a twist-off operation, made of many compressed layers of paper to create a sturdy and secure packaging system.

Look for Banking Supplies that are Easy to Use

When you buy new banking supplies for your branch, you will need to brief or train your staff. That said, look for high-quality, secure and well-made products, but ones that are easy to use. For example, tamper evident bags can have bar codes allowing employees to quickly scan in currency. You can even invest in RFID and EAD technology for scanning and recording purposes, as well as anti-theft measures, for larger packages of precious metals like gold and silver bars, or large reserves of cash.

Contact a reliable banking supplies company and ask how their products can enable you to improve the customer experience, enhance security, and improve internal operations today!