The Best Indoor Plants for Every Home and Office

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Nature is our oasis when we are not feeling well and stressed/angry, plants and flowers contribute to our wellbeing both physically and mentally. The benefits we get from plants outweigh our care and maintenance for them, they filter toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and carbon dioxide, and many others from air. They also help normalise blood pressure levels in our bodies, reduce heart rate, and aid the production of stress hormones. Having plants in your home or at the office where you spend a greater part of your days not only adorns the environment with a dash of greenery but also improves brain functioning. Whether you spend much of your time away from home, it is always nice to come home to a refreshing aura – thanks to indoor plants you will always feel a step closer to nature. Some of the best plants for indoor spaces are a jade plant, spider plant, rubber tree, and bonsai tree. In this post, we share the best indoor plants for every home and office space.

  1. Jade plant

Also known as Crassula Ovata, and also known as the money plant, lucky plant, and money tree. The Jade plant is a succulent plant that has oval-shaped thick leaves. It is a perennial plant, meaning that you get the same greenery throughout the year. Perfect for that seamless decor! During its bloom time it produces small white or pink flowers. It filters VOCs from the air and you also do not have to stress that much about caring for the plant since it’s succulent, a once in a while watering routine will do. 

  1. Spider Plant

If you are always travelling and rarely spend that much time home, your house will become home to spiders and all sorts of other home-invading insects. And getting up in arms to rid these insects is fruitless as they quickly retreat in spots you can’t reach considering your busy schedule. The spider plant is the go-to guard. Also known as the aeroplane plant or Ivy plant, this plant will chase insects from your home. Research conducted by NASA proved that the spider plant filters 90% of cancer-causing toxins like formaldehyde. It is a perennial plant and does not require that much attention as it magnifies your decor. You can even hang it upside down or place it on your small indoor vertical garden. 

  1. Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is one of the most important plants in the world. It is used in making waterproof shoes, clothes, tires, and various other plastic products. Also known as Sharinga tree, Seringueira, and Pará rubber tree, the rubber tree has large green leaves that augment any background environment. It is a perennial plant and does not require much sunlight, making it a great choice to decorate your home or office. It removes moulds and bacteria and has exceptional air purification. In addition to the naturistic themed environment, the rubber plant is also known to bring good luck and prosperity. 

  1. Peace Lily

The peace lily is a popular indoor plant with many homeowners and designers, with their varied sizes, colours, and shapes. And it is also proved by research conducted by NASA, which proves that peace lily plants neutralise and break down toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Also known in the scientific circles as Spathiphyllum, it is believed to have healing powers, heightens consciousness, and brings about a serene environment with its blooms and greens.

  1. Bonsai tree

And finally the Bonsai tree. A bonsai tree can be any plant from the general collection. What separates it from the other plants we have mentioned earlier is that – Bonsai, is a traditional Japanese art that uses certain skills and techniques to produce small trees that imitate the scale and shape of a fully grown tree. The tree functions just like other trees meaning that you’ll reap the same benefits, but have a decorative tree that will definitely capture everyone’s attention.