The advantages of a “vertical business card” design

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Vertical business cards will make a good impression. Because it is familiar and well-known, most card designs are horizontal. Horizontal designs can be made with different materials (such as chocolate, rubber, or fabric).

Although you may have seen more vertical cards than metal or chocolate business cards, the vertical design will be more popular than the horizontal. A vertical card can be a cost-effective and unique way to stand out from the crowd.

The cost of printing business cards made from exotic or unusual materials will increase significantly. A vertical business card printed tech business cards on standard stock will cost less than a regular horizontal card. You will need to limit your printing costs if you intend on printing thousands of cards per quarter.

The Downside to Vertical Business Card Design

Vertical business card design is a great option. Vertical business card design is affordable and unique enough to make your company stand out. You may be more challenged if you’re not a professional graphic artist and you’re taking on the design work yourself.

Templates are a common tool for non-professional designers to get their creativity moving. You have thousands, if you don’t count millions, of pre-made templates to choose from if you are creating a horizontal card. Because vertical designs aren’t as popular in the business card template industry, there will be fewer options.

Another problem is that you now have 55mm to work with instead of the normal 90mm. This is a minor problem but can be problematic if your tagline is longer than usual, or if you need to leave room for a logo or contact details.

The final decision about whether to go vertical or horizontal is up to you. There is no way to tell which one is better. Instead, you need to focus on your message and what your name card design should convey about your company.