Business Card Design: 8 Tips to Make Your Back Business Card Design Stand Out
Business Card Design: 8 Tips to Make Your Back Business Card Design Stand Out

8 Tips to Make Your Back Business Card Design Stand Out

All hail the humble businesscard! It serves a primary purpose, letting people know how to get in touch with your company. However, this tiny piece of paper tells a lot more about who you really are and what you offer. Creative thinking is a good thing. That’s why professionals who are skilled in business card design know how to go all out.

Before we move on to the backs and features of business cards, let us first go over the basics. Even though it is small in scope and appearance, the business card can be a key component of your company’s marketing plan.

People are paying attention. Seventy two percent believe that there is a correlation between the quality your card and the quality or services you offer. 39% won’t do business with companies that have cheap business cards.

Each side of a business card has a different purpose. The front will contain your name, title, contact information and contact information. While the back contains more space, it is for you to be more detailed. Here are eight tips for making your business card standout on the back.

Opt to be simple

Simplicity is key to designing business cards that are effective on the back. Keep in mind that your business card is only a small part of your story. This can be difficult if you are staring at your blank card and trying figure out what to put.

Your business card should look pleasing to the eyes. That means you need to strike a delicate balance between design and simplicity. Your business card should be viewed as a piece of marketing copy. This is why simplicity is so important.

Effective marketing requires you to communicate your point clearly and avoid unnecessary fluff. The same principle can be applied to business cards’ backside and you will understand why “less really is more” remains the prevailing principle.

Blank doesn’t have to be the same as white

One caveat to the simplicity rule is that “blank” does not necessarily mean empty. You can creatively use the space on the backside of your business cards without overusing it by using a photograph or design. This is especially true if your profession includes being an illustrator, designer or photographer.

Your image should be of high quality. Make sure the resolution is 300 dpi (or higher) so that it doesn’t look grainy after printing. You can also use your back to show off your skills by highlighting work that you are proud of or creating new ones. It’s a great way to show what you can accomplish.

Share an evergreen tip

The back of business cards can be used to showcase original imagery. You can also use them to share your knowledge by including a tip. Sharing information on your card will make it more attractive to potential customers.

You could share your tips on fixing a running toilet, for example, if a plumber. A small table can be included if your bakery is a business. Prospects will hold onto the card to receive the tip and your contact information.

Make your card a coupon

Double-duty as a coupon is another great way to convince people to keep your business card design. The back space can be used to share a deal exclusive to cardholders. For example, 10% off their bill when they show the card.

Even if they aren’t in immediate need of your company, they’ll keep the card just in case. This is a great way for you to stand out if your card is not about creativity but more about securing new leads.

Direct to your social networks

Your brand may use social media in their marketing strategy. The back of your card is a great place to direct people towards your channels. You don’t want to overload the front of your business card with too much information. This can cause it to become difficult to communicate your message effectively. You can communicate your point quickly and easily with this simple, straightforward text without affecting the space’s balance.

Make smart color choices

When designing your back for your card, you can make subtle subconscious connections with colors. Bright colors, such as yellow or orange, connote energy and optimism. While blue and violet indicate dependability and stability respectively, You can also perceive colors in other ways. Consider green for environmental products and black to luxury products.

Utilize the power and beauty of color to your advantage. Choose a solid stain for your back that connects color to what you want to communicate. This will give off subconscious cues and help you stand apart from other business cards, such as the basic white ones on prospects’ desks.

Direct to Video

While you can’t put a video on a business card design’s back, you can use it as a way to send one. Here’s a quick overview of what the video will look like (i.e. The video will include “5 cyber security tricks all businesses should know” and “How to remove grout stains”. Finally, the QR code will be included that people can scan on phones to access it. It’s a great place for this and a useful way to help prospects move down the sales funnel.

You can map it

If you are looking for visuals but don’t know how to get there, you might consider creating a map that directs you to your office or shows your service area. They’re easy to use, practical and beautiful. A designer can help you create a unique map design. Or, you can use something that is already on the web. No matter how you choose to go about it, it will serve as a visual reminder of your current location.

Create a business card that reflects the value you bring to the table. Let us know if you have any questions. We can help you design your business card or talk to you about printing a consultant to help you create the perfect design.

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