Business Card Stand Out: 8 Tips to Make Your Business Card Stand Out
Business Card Stand Out: 8 Tips to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

8 Tips to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

The humble Business Card Stand Out is a great invention! Although its primary function is to inform people how to contact you, this little piece of paper can tell a lot about you and your offerings. You can get creative with it. This is why professional savvy know how to up the ante when designing their business cards backs.

Let’s start with the basics. Although it may seem small in size and appearance, a business card is a crucial part of any company or individual’s marketing plan.

People are paying more attention. Seventy-two per cent of respondents believe there is a link between the quality and service of your business card. 39% of them will not do business with companies whose business cards are too cheap.

Each business card’s front and back have a distinct purpose. The front should contain your name, title and contact information. The back can be used to give more detail. These are eight ways to make your back stand out on your business card.

Opt for simplicity

Simple is the key to creating effective business cards’ backs. Your business card is just a small piece of information about yourself. It doesn’t need to be your entire story. Just inspire others to find out more. It can be difficult to grasp this task when you stare at your blank card trying to decide what to write.

Your business card should be pleasing to the eye. This means that you must strike a balance between simplicity and design. Simplicity is important when designing your business cards.

Marketing is about communicating your message clearly and without unnecessary fluff. You will see why the rule of “less is more,” still holds true for business cards.

Blank doesn’t necessarily have to be white

The simplicity rule has a caveat: “Blank” doesn’t necessarily have to be blank. A photograph or original design can be a great way to make the most of space on your business card’s back without overwhelming it. This is especially true for illustrators, designers, photographers, and other professionals in creative fields.

When it comes to your image, quality is the most important thing. To avoid the design looking grainy when printed, aim for 300 dpi. If you have the skill set to do so, your back of your business card design can be used to highlight your work or create something new. This is a great place for you to showcase what you can do.

Share an eternal tip

You can use the back of your business card design to show original images. However, you can also share your expertise with a helpful tip. If you share information, people will be more inclined to keep your card.

If you are a plumber, you might share a tip about how to fix a running bathroom. You can also include a chart detailing how many cakes you need to feed your customers if you are a baker. Prospects will keep the card in exchange for the tip, but they’ll also keep your contact information.

Your card can be used as a coupon

A coupon can also be a great way to encourage people to keep your business cards. You can use the space on the back to share a special deal only for cardholders such as 10% off their bill if they present the card at the time service is rendered.

Even if they don’t need your business right now, they will keep the card for later. This is a great way to stand out in sales, or any other field where your card’s purpose is more about securing leads than creative design.

Directly to your social media accounts

The back of your business card can be used to direct people to social media channels if your brand uses it as part of its marketing strategy. If you try to share too many things, the front of your card may become cluttered. It is best to use the back for your social media account information. It’s easy to read and will convey your message quickly.

Choose smart colors

You can use subtle subconscious meanings of colors to design your back of your card. While bright colors such as yellow and orange can connote optimism and energy, cooler colors like violet and blue are more indicative of stability and dependability. There are many other ways colors can influence perception. Think green for products that relate to the environment, and black for luxury goods.

You can harness the power of color and use it to your advantage by using a solid stain to the back of your card. It will connect color with the message you are trying to convey. It will not only give off subconscious cues but it will also help you stand out among the pile of white business cards that are sitting on prospect’s desks.

Direct to video

Although you cannot put a video on the backside of business cards design, it is possible to use it to point to one. Let’s give you a brief overview of the contents of the video (e.g. Give a brief overview of the video (e.g. “5 cyber security tips every business should know” or “How do you remove grout stains from grout”), and then attach a QR code that people will be able to scan with their phones to access the video. This is a great way to get prospects to your website.

It’s easy to map it

You can visualize your business or your area by creating a map. They are simple, useful, and attractive. Either you work with a professional to create a custom map design or you can simply use something found on the internet. It’s an excellent visual reminder of where you are.

A custom business card will show off how much you offer. We can help you with any questions. You can have a business card designed by us today, or you can speak with a print consultant to create your perfect design.

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