How to capture a stunning “side profile” photo

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A side profile photo is today’s new business card in the digital age. This is often your first impression. Your headshot represents your professional self. If your side profile appears in a search engine or potential clients land on your LinkedIn page they won’t find a bad image. Because this is your real self, you want them to see someone who is dedicated, well-groomed and optimistic.

Professional photographers are expensive. There’s a reason. It takes skill to get a winning headshot, and flashy equipment doesn’t hurt. You don’t have SUMMER BUSINESS CASUAL to spend slobodna bosna a lot of money on a photography degree. However, you can still take a great selfie. All you need are a few basic principles and a camera.

What is a winning Headshot Side Profile?

All this is great, but before we can create our own, we must first understand the characteristics of a great headshot.

It can help to view a photograph as an artist’s composition when critiquing it. It can be broken down into different elements, such as the background, contrasts, lighting, and facial expression (laughing or smiling, serious or relaxed). Each element can be compared and improved upon. These elements can be gathered together to make a stunning side profile photo that will help you excel in the professional world.

Find good lighting side profile

A good headshot requires the right lighting. Avoid areas where the sun is directly shining on you. Direct sunlight can often bleach your features, whitewash your face and create hard angular shadows.

A simple background is enough

Your backdrop for your headshot should not be complicated. Your headshot backdrop should not include any decorations, plants or patterns. This will distract from the important thing–you.

Contrast is the king side profile

Contrast is what makes the difference between standing out and being a part of the crowd. Your audience will want you to “pop” and create powerful contrast.

Consider carefully which colors are most appropriate for the purpose of your headshot. A professional appearance might look more appealing with neutral colors such as whites and blacks. You can make your headshot warmer if you are going for a casual social media profile picture. Use the principles of design to create the best contrast with the color you have chosen.