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I am looking for a recent graduate analyst who loves numbers, thinks outside the box, takes responsibility for their work, and enjoys being analytical. This is a great opportunity to partner up with some of Australia’s biggest retailers and most prominent brands in entertainment.

ATTITUDE is everything in this graduate analyst company.

The Graduate analyst business will receive in-depth training and be responsible for, but not limited to:

Demand planning – Provides analytics vertical business card Business Goose in respect to fulfilment, inventory on hand and benchmarking, forecasting, and forecasting accuracy

Inventory planning – Developing purchase plans and evaluating the performance of businesses, communicating findings, and translating data into future forecasts.

Management of stakeholder – Keeping strong relationships with clients, suppliers and internal staff

  • Market trends – making statistical forecasts and identifying market trends
  • Engaging the whole team to drive the forecast consensus process in categories assigned
  • Develop inventory reporting across key areas

The Rookie

This position will allow you to make a career in the company. We’re looking for what we have in YOU.

  • A degree in Statistics/Mathematics/Logistics/Business related studies.
  • Intermediate skills in Microsoft Excel (Vlookup, Pivot Tables).
  • Confident, articulate and enthusiastic
  • Ability to solve problems and make quick decisions.
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills


12-month coaching session. Outstanding on-going training in-house, with clear pathways to success within the company

Graduate Analyst Business : Job Description

Graduate analyst business examines how companies operate and provide suggestions for ways to improve the company’s processes and practices. This is done to help the company make more money, solve business problems, and/or achieve their goals.

Graduate business analysts work closely with the IT sector. In some cases, they may even be considered technical jobs and are part of an IT department. Graduate analysts business will often implement new or improved computer systems for clients. The analyst may also be responsible for educating colleagues and familiarizing them with the benefits.

Analysts may work for their company ‘in-house’, which means they only work on projects for that company. Or, they can be revolut business employed by an analyst firm or consulting firm. They will often travel to the client’s offices and stay there for the duration. There are two options for how long graduate analyst business will be involved in projects. They can either be there in the short-term to help solve a problem or they could stay on a longer-term basis to assist with its implementation.